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Barcalona Show Character In UEFA Super Cup Win

FC Barcelona just won their fourth title in less than three months in a match with nine goals.

No one will have taken more pleasure from how this football match unfolded than Athletic Bilbao, their manager Ernesto Valverde, and the Basque players who lost the Copa del Rey final to this same Barca side last May.

The Spanish Supercup first leg is this Friday, and in it Athletic will now be facing a Barcelona team devoid of Neymar and Alba, unable to call upon Turan or Vidal, and filled with players who are showing signs of tremendous fatigue.

The second conclusion is that poor old Unai Emery now needs to take a leave of absence of about 24 hours every time a team of his faces this Catalan club. Because if he didn’t win this one then frankly, he is never, ever going to.