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Our Programs:

  • Intelligent Football

    Wellington FC is not your typical small-town British football club that just teaches young players to kick the ball down the length of over-sized pitches and run after it. We embrace the superior method of teaching young players to dribble and pass their way along smaller pitches. This crucial difference is considered to be the reason why England's footballers always preform poorly at international tournaments. We equip our young footballers with the intelligent footballing skills to find employment as professional athletes in Britain or any county in Europe.

  • Fitness Training

    Fitness is vital for success in football. One cannot play the game of football properly if one's body is not in a suitable condition to do so. We deliver a comprehensive physical fitness programme that conditions our footballers to have the strength and stamina necessary to excel at fast-paced contact sport. We employ personal trainers from Discovery UK to use state of the art training techniques to drill this fitness regime into our players. A less intense version of this training is delivered to our younger academy members and our women's team.

  • Player Identification and Development

    To be a professional footballer, one must be identified and trained from a young age. That's why we look very closely at all of the youngsters who arrive through our doors, and why, once we have identified someone of talent, we work with them for as long as they remain in our academy, up to the age of eighteen, when they will either graduate to our first team or be let go. Being let go by us, however, is not usually the end of their careers, because by then we will have given them a set of skills that they can use to find employment in other football clubs if they so wish.

  • Team Development

    All of football is based on teamwork. A team of less skillful players who play well together will always win against a group of more talented players who are unable to function as a team. We teach all of our players the ethos that the welfare of the team and the club, and getting good results, is more important than individual glory. We also base our training drills upon the effectiveness of team play, with an emphasis on rapid and precise passing to other players and dovetailing one another during attacking runs.

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